Sunday, August 28, 2011

Greenwash and climate fraud....

Not too long ago, Australian newspapers carried the story of a company that was engaging in fraud by collecting money by way of carbon credits (the owner became quite vague when asked which specific carbon mitigation projects the money was being spent on). I fear that too much of that is going on...Any number of commercial operators will gladly accept your money and promise to deliver a greener planet, a more sustainable future or some such in return.

How do we tell the good ones from the bad? Some operators deliver real value, some minimal value, and some are downright fraudulent. Let the market decide, you might say, because it always has, in other areas of human endeavour. But this is too important to let slip. A business knows when it is being delivered value, and when it isn't. A business can there pick and choose.

The planet too knows which bits are real, which products deliver real green value. But it can't tell us.

We need an impartial academic body to sit in judgment. Perhaps certify....

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